Sakthy Edamaruku

Thanks a lot for helping Saanchi blossom into a beautiful flower, we couldn’t have done it without your support.

Anthony Tongbram

Pink N Blue has been a great experience for Bevan and us. In his growing we have grown a little older and a lot wiser. We all cannot thank you enough. Thanks for everything Anu Ma’am & team. We will miss this one year very much!

Dr Anshul Singla 

Thanks for the lovely compilation of photographs. We all can’t stop looking at the album over & over again.

"Our three boys Abel, Joel and Joash were students at Pink n Blue in 2013, 2015 and 2016. We felt extremely comfortable sending all three to Anuradha Dar. The boys learned a lot, always had a good time and never suffered any mishaps while they were in Ms. Dar's care. The fees are very reasonable. We highly appreciate Ms. Dar's strictness, commitment to cleanliness, and frankness while speaking her mind. We would highly endorse Pink n Blue to anyone, this side of town, looking for a safe environ for their child. There may be fancier play schools around but none will compare to the personal touch that Ms. Dar and her team bring to their labour of love. May Pink n Blue prosper for long."

—  Anita and Thomas Koshy