It has been a pleasure knowing you. The way you handle parents, kids and other situations is truly commendable. I have always looked up to you for strengths and motivation. Although kids move on, we will stay connected and in touch. Thank you so much for everything.

Mansi Rana, February 2016

Wonderful experience!! Thanks ma’am for everything that you are doing for us.

Dr Sharmistha Sarkar August 28, 2015

Pink ’n’ Blue was a wonderful chapter in the life of my little daughter as well as me. I saw her blossom from a shy and quiet infant to a confident & talkative young child! She surprised and amazed me every day with the storehouse of songs, rhymes and knowledge, not to forget the etiquette's that she learnt at the Nursery!!

Sudeshna Dasgupta, April 1, 2014

Pink ’n’ Blue has been a wonderful platform for our little ones. I am really happy I chose it for my daughter. It has helped a lot in developing her as what she is now. Thanks a ton for all the sessions that you organize, they are quite informative. Thanks to all teachers.

Pooja & Naresh Asnani, August 8, 2013

Congratulations for being the source of energy for so many of us for so long. Thanks for your spirited approach and silent efficiency to the world of knowledge.

Aruna Puri, July 29, 2012

Congratulations on completing 25 years. Time does fly and this event was a reminder of this fact. Right from being my class teacher to a mentor for my little one – it is indeed my luck to see my little one getting moulded in your hands. I look forward to the time on seeing the 50th anniversary and the next celebration. You have been a role model for all the good values I have and hopefully my little Ananya imbibes them too. Congratulations to Pink ’n’ Blue and to you Ma’am.

Abhijeet Rajan, July 29, 2012

We are fortunate that Pink ’n’ Blue was recommended to us and you took Saira in. A big thank you for running such a wonderful institution!! We love the detailing that you do at the job and being very-very organized. We hope that each of your wards learn to soar the high skies as well as be grounded, happy adults.

Lisa & Bijoy, February 11, 2011

Thank you Mrs. Dar for your complete commitment to our children!! I know you feel very strongly for all your children. May you go from strength to strength!!

Shobha Gopal, January 2010

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We are extremely grateful to the care and training bestowed on our child by your Nursery. We believe that this grounding has contributed substantially in our child securing admission to a prestigious school like Modern. Our thanks to you and the dedicated staff of Pink ’n’ Blue! Please keep up the good work!!

P.Sam & Shaila Sam, February 1999

Well honestly speaking no words can express our gratitude to all of you dedicated for this task. Teaching grownups may be a difficult task but teaching such small kids who come straight from their mama’s lap is surely something worth appreciating. At the age of 3+ you all have contributed in teaching our kids what we all are trying to do at home. They will learn a lot in life later, but the base that is formed in Pink ’n’ Blue would surely be remembered fondly.

Archana, March 29, 1993

My daughter, Tisha Gopalakrishnan has thoroughly enjoyed herself in Pink ’n’ Blue. A quiet and reserved child, she has opened up. The Nursery has also managed to arouse her curiosity. She has learned a lot besides the curriculum. General level of awareness is undoubtedly good and the students are much ahead of others. And most of all - all of them have enjoyed themselves immensely. What with fancy dress competitions, dramas and song sessions! This is, after all, what education is all about!!

Chitra Gopalakrishnan, March 18, 1992

It gives me immense pleasure to inform you that Apporva is one of the successful candidates for selection in Nursery in Appejay Noida. It is nothing but your dedication, attention towards students and also your way of teaching and ability to make overall growth and development of the child. I was very much worried about Apporva’s performance when I came to your Nursery moreover at that time she was not even able to speak very clearly, but after this selection I really appreciate Pink ’n’ Blue and its staff that within a span of seven months she is able to make herself up to the mark.

Anoop Bhatnagar, November 11, 1991

I must say that the Nursery is excellent. My son Manan Arora has learnt so much and gained so much confidence that it’s difficult to believe.

Neerja Arora, December 21, 1990

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Excellent Nursery! One of the best play schools in Delhi. I really have a regret that I didn’t send my elder son to this school. They have made the children realize the real values of life. Thanks to the staff of Pink ’n’ Blue.

Kavita Pal, February 8, 2009

As our daughter Aadya Gupta’s session at Pink ’n’ Blue draws to an end, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all of you. It was a real pleasure to see our daughter growing from sapling to bud and on the way becoming more and more confident about her. We feel that it would not have been possible without your tender care and guidance. To speak the truth in some parent teacher’s meeting we were pleasantly surprised at the details which were being provided to us and also maintained at your end. We really appreciate the amount of time & energy spent by you at organizing different festivals, competitions, mock trials and the fabulous annual function. These we think need a special mention. We once again thank you for helping our child to take the first step in her long march towards the goals which she would set for herself.

Debjit & Preeti Gupta, February 16, 2006

The end of the session of 2004-05 for the Pre Nursery children of Pink ’n’ Blue is an emotional moment for us. We had admitted our child, Srushti, with lot of hope into this very loving and caring atmosphere called Pink ’n’ Blue and needless to say, our experience with this Nursery has been rewarding. The personal touch, care, dedication, enthusiasm and initiative with which you have groomed the little ones is admirable. Our belief in the abilities of a good teacher stands reaffirmed after our daughter’s tenure here. Your thoughtful little gestures shall always be remembered by all three of us fondly. We shall be indebted to you for whatever she achieves in life.

Gopa, Asis, February 25, 2005

Pink ’n’ Blue was a cradle for our son Skanda. Our deepest gratitude!!

Shekhar Iyer, May 15, 2000

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Excellent place to have sent my son!! Personal attention and care!! The child who felt insecure out from house atmosphere is now so confident, amiable.

B.Kala, September 16, 1989

We couldn’t have given Tanu’s schooling a better foundation. The Nursery’s influence on her education and personality has been tremendously positive.

Usha & Jai Dhaundiyal, June 15, 1989

My son, Aman was 2 years 5 months old when he had started going to Pink ’n’ Blue Nursery. He was a highly pampered child being the first grandson in the family. He was also very obstinate. I would always be thankful to Mrs. Dar, she handled him excellently and now he is a very confident, courteous and obedient boy. He learned to love the Nursery and his classmates in Pink ’n’ Blue Nursery. He has settled down well in his new school and is his class teacher’s pet.

Dr. N. Malik, April 29, 1989

Our son Vipul was in Pink ’n’ Blue Nursery for about six months, before he got admission to Nursery. He picked up a lot-both in drawing-colouring, as well as in rhymes etc. Basically an introvert and shy boy, he is more open and friendly & confident now. We thank you for helping develop him so much and wish you the very best for the future.

S. Kishore, March 31, 1989

Pink ’n’ Blue was an excellent place for our ward, to get properly educated both bookish & extracurricular. The fancy dress competition was very good and very well organized. The best part is that Shubhit eats very well here. At home he makes us run around! We wish you the very best of luck to bring up the Pre-Nursery and extend it to a full-fledged institution.

Dr. Chabi Prasad, March 29, 1989

My ward Mallika was in Pre-Nursery in Pink ’n’ Blue Nursery from October 88 to March 89 and the kind of confidence she got from studying in this Nursery will surely go a long way for my ward’s future schooling. Activities like outdoor picnic, fancy dress etc. were excellent and I would like to put my second child also in this Nursery. I wish to thank you for making my ward confident, sociable and well-mannered and I wish you and the school good luck for future.

K. S. Muralidharan, April 9, 1989

I put my daughter Mrinalini Srinivasan aged less than 3 years in Pink ’n’ Blue Nursery in July 1988. There were 10-12 kids of the same age group in the Nursery. During this short period, Mrs. Dar endeared herself to all the children and was giving parental affection to each and every child in the Nursery. Teaching nursery rhymes, alphabets and numerals, days of the week, months of the year: last but not the least feeding the children during lunch break, taking the children to picnic spots etc.

K. Srinivasan, December 1988

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