Read, Wonder and be Intrigued

Story Corner is a literary playground for children to travel to faraway lands and unleash their imagination. Over time, we hope all of you will bring your own contributions to this sacred corner. Our first two stories feature the very talented Dheera Kitchlu. 

Dheera Kitchlu is an educationist, story teller, and a full-time writer and illustrator of books for children.  She was Principal of Sophia Nursery School and then the Vice Principal of Sophia Polytechnic, both in Mumbai. She has taught children to ride horses, to study and have fun with words. Her initiative Anyone Can Write, encourages children to explore their creative potential through writing. Dheera lives in Mumbai with her family.


Dheera Kitchlu tells us why stories are important for pre-schoolers:

  • They enhance cognitive listening skills

  • Aid reading readiness

  • Help children understand language patterns

  • Inculcate language skills and vocabulary

  • Help learning by creating awareness

  • Help the child to relax

  • Help imagination

  • Coping with feelings

  • Encourage picture talk hence conversation skills

  • Sharpen memory; the child will memorize the text and repeat it verbatim

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... and now for some story time!