I may fall short of words but this was my very first foundation to the education and I still hold strong connect to it. The only memory I have is of Dar ma'm from this esteemed institution. I can't thank you enough for being a part of my journey and being such an important part in grooming us and bearing with us when we were absolutely unknown to the world. All the best.

Sonali Seth, Class of 1990

Retrospecting the old school days, remembering Dar ma'am and her spectacular way of dealing with me being a cry baby. The games, lessons and of course the annual day seems so fresh. All credit goes to the wonderful teachers for laying a strong foundation. Blessed to be a Pink n Blue alum.

Sunit Samuel Murishwar, Class of 1995

So many memories with Pink 'n' Blue and Dar ma'am! I was in Sudha ma'am's class, and my elder sister is an alumna too. Currently, working in Mumbai in a Creative Agency, fondly remembering the time spent at Pink 'n' Blue. I went on to study at DPS Noida, cannot thank everyone for helping me get through DPSN... Such positive memories! :)

Arshpreet Kaur Biji, Class of 1997